My Baby Bris


Typically, a Bris includes the following honors:

  • Qvater Pair 1
    usually a young couple not yet parents. They bring the baby into the room/Sanctuary.
  • Grandmothers 2
    take the baby from the Qvater pair and bring the baby to the Mohel.
  • Al Ha-Kee Say 3
    a gentleman takes the baby on the pillow and places him on the Chair of Elijah.
  • Min Ha-Kee-Say 4
    another gentleman is honored by having him take the baby from the chair of Elijah and handing the child to the father*
  • The Sandek 5
    is seated, with the baby placed on his lap for the Circumcision.
  • 6
    Immediately after the Bris and the Mohel’s Bracha, the father recites his Bracha to which everyone responds
  • 7
    There are two lengthy Brachos after the MEE-LAH. The second includes giving the baby his Hebrew name(s). These are customarily reserved for the Rabbi(s).
  • 8
    During the recital of the blessings, the honor of holding the baby is given to one or two gentlemen.

Rabby Yisroel Perelson certified Mohel (917) 535 9311